The Computer Technology Resource for Small Busines



 In this day and age, every business needs computer technicians, but not all businesses can afford them.  Webfeet Studios can be your Computer Technology Department and you pay only for the resources consumed.  We currently provide technical support to many local businesses.  When we join your team, we will solve technical problems and help put technology to use in support of your business goals.


Our founder spent years on Wall St. honing his technical and business skills.  To him, technology is more than just putting together computer code, it must make business sense and meet the business' needs.  Webfeet Studios will lend the following capabilities to your business:


  • Computer selection, support and repair
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Sites - user updateable
  • Search Engine Placement
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Boxes
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Service for Marketing or Training
  • PC Education & Training


 We charge by the hour, and we don't "nickel and dime" you.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we always provide an estimate before any work is done.  Our advice is always free.